We are 99% New York. We stand together.

99% New York is fighting for fair-share taxes and job creation. We are fighting against the severe budget cuts that are destroying our state’s future.

Our New York is in trouble. The state is still spiraling from the bad decisions that crashed our economy. We’re not the ones who caused the crash, but we’re the ones feeling the burden of financial destruction.

We are New Yorkers from every walk of life and every corner of the state: both the prosperous and homeless, teachers and students, moms and dads, family and friends.

We are workers in health care, transit, emergency services, government, human services, retail and small business.

We are faith leaders, labor leaders, community leaders and everyday people – and we’re working together.

Our organizations are united by a vision of a prosperous, thriving New York where our economy and our government work for everyone — not just the top 1%.

People have been isolated too long. We saw the same bad things happening to our economy, but we didn’t have a voice.

As the 99%, we stand together.

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