What’s at stake? Key cuts in #NYCbudget

What’s at stake?  Key cuts in #NYCbudget

by 99% New York

What’s all the fighting about? Here’s a few of the most controversial cuts in this year’s Bloomberg budget:

AFTERSCHOOL: $34 million in cuts * 32,000 slots lost * Some communities will lose all programs

CHILD CARE: $35.6 million in cuts * 15,000 slots lost * New contracting procedures destroy effective infrastructure

HIV/AIDS CASE MANAGERS: $5.1 million in cuts * Diminished access to nutrition & housing services for New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS

RUNAWAY & HOMELESS YOUTH SERVICES: $7.2 million in cuts * 160 youth shelter beds lost * Emergency services cut to most vulnerable youth

WORKFORCE TRAINING & JOB PLACEMENT: $29.5 million in cuts * Services slashed as unemployment hits new highs

ADULT LITERACY: $1.5 million in cuts * Reading, GED programs key to employment & progress for new immigrants

HOMELESSNESS PREVENTION: $250,000 in cuts * Loss of emergency aid for families as homelessness hits all-time highs

CUNY COMMUNITY COLLEGES: Another $300 tuition increase, pushing college further out of reach when it’s more important than ever

LIBRARIES: $96 million in cuts * Adult & youth use of libraries for homework, afterschool, job search & reading at historic highs * Hits to all neighborhoods

FIREHOUSES: $43 million in cuts * 20 firehouses closed

Luckily, 99%NY and the May 12 Coalition have more than three-quarters of a billion dollars in alternative revenue recommendations that can and will make a difference and stop the cuts — if the City Council and Speaker Christine Quinn take them up and demand them as a condition of passage of this year’s budget.