Wisconsin Workers Need Your Help: Recall Walker!

Wisconsin Workers Need Your Help: Recall Walker!


A message from NYS AFL-CIO:

“The first step is, we’re going to deal with collective bargaining for public employee unions ‘cause you use divide and conquer.” – WI Gov. Scott Walker May 10, 2012

Now is our best opportunity to strike back and show that we are united. Everything is on the line, if we succeed, we can beat back Walker on June 5th and reclaim the Governorship for middle-class working families.

To win this campaign, we need your help to build the largest grassroots political mobilization machine in Wisconsin’s history.

Call into Wisconsin from your home computer by signing up for the AFL-CIO FAN Tool Here!

Click here to donate online or Send a check to:
AFL-CIO General Fund, Attention Kim Farrell, WI Recall, 815 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20006

Your contribution will allow our member-to-member program to reach every targeted union voter in the state – we know they’re with us but in a special election it’s all about turnout.

We need everyone to contribute, even if it’s only a modest amount. On the day after the election, we want to know we did everything we could. In over 250 years only two Governors have been recalled – we know this won’t be easy. But by uniting the entire union movement with a common purpose, we will prevail.

Walker and his cronies have almost unlimited cash pouring in from corporate bosses. The 1% has made Wisconsin a must win for the ultra-extreme right wing set on waging war on your unions. And Wisconsin is just the beginning, we must stop them in their tracks.

Scott Walker has made this about ALL of us. WE ARE ONE!